Whereas, John Brown has cheerfully risked his life in endeavoring to deliver those who are denied all rights and is this day doomed to suffer death for his efforts in behalf of those who have no helper: Therefore,

Resolved that, while we most decidedly disapprove the methods he adopted to accomplish his objects, yet in his willingness to die in aid of the great cause of human freedom, we still recognize the qualities of a noble nature and the exercise of a spirit which true men have always admired and which history never fails to honor.

Resolved that his wrongs and bereavements in Kansas, occasioned by the violence and brutality of those who were intent on the propagation of slavery in that territory, call for a charitable judgment upon his recent efforts in Virginia to undermine the despotism from which he had suffered, and commend his family to the special sympathy and aid of all who pity suffering and reverence justice.

Resolved that the anti slavery sentiment is becoming ripe for resolute action.

Resolved, that we find in this fearful tragedy at Harper's Ferry a reason for more earnest effort to remove the evil of slavery from the whole land as speedily as possible.

On the morning following the Pratt Hall meeting the editor of the Providence Daily Journal wrote that although the meeting was milder and less extreme than those held in other areas for similar purposes, it could have been avoided completely.